We are launching a completely new product, and it will change the way you think about beer brewing.
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There are many producers of various brewing equipment for homebrewers and microbreweries. However, there are not many app-controlled brewing machines. Most beer brewers use manually controlled brewing equipment, something that is very impractical and time-consuming. Some beer brewers use newer and more developed fully automatic devices which also have their limitations when it comes to volume and variations of styles you can actually brew. BrewBook is a dream for all beer brewers who wish to create something complete and exciting for themselves and their circle. It is a completely different product—and the result of many years of experimentation.
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In the beginning, we modeled many manual brewing machines. Our customers, beer brewers from Norway, needed to find out which materials and which form-factor was best suited for a new device like this. Every time a design was presented there were new modifications. When the manual beer brewing machine was finished, a strong desire to create a more automated, app-controlled, machine had developed. Our customers wanted a top-quality brewing system that could brew all types of beer, and with higher gravity.
We went straight to work with the task and began sketching a 3D model. We had to visualize the device in order to get a deeper understanding of the entire process. Based on the sketches, our 3D artist developed a complete model, which allowed us to bring it to life through animation and gave us a better understanding of the product before we began creating the production prototype.
BrewBook gives unique beer brewing possibilities that will satisfy any beer brewer. Our passion is to spread the word and to encourage more people into the craft of beer brewing. With this in mind, we developed two ways in which you can use our app: Automatic and Manual. One for those who are new to brewing, and one for the more experienced.
Automatic and Manual
Automatic mode
Manual mode
Not a single detail is lost.
Our database is delivered complete with detailed recipes, specifically for the less experienced beer brewers. Everything you need to do during the process is carefully described in Auto Mode.
The users can, of course, also easily add other people's recipes and create their own, so that not a single detail is lost. Manual mode differs by giving you full control over the brewing machine. This is specifically developed for experienced beer brewers who wish to experiment while they brew, with a complete event log the entire way through.
BrewBook represents our best attempt at giving you your own personal brewing assistant that can guide you through every single step of the brewing process.
BrewBook was designed by beer brewers for beer brewers.
BrewBook unites powerful technology, controlled by APP, connection possibilities and craft in one beautifully designed brewing machine. Easy to use and easy to clean.
(Master brewer with more than 20 years of experience)
Dag Frode Aasnes
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