A very fun and inspiring project where we set out to create a logo and branding for a beautiful yacht that is getting ready to travel across the world.
La Linea
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La linea around the world.
What we've done
The customer wanted a logo which, on one side, was associated with the waves of the ocean, but that, at the same time, was simply made up of a single line. The yacht is now called exactly that: La Linea (One Line).
3D modeling,
3D animation,
Marketing Materials,
Art Direction
There were created multiple versions of the logo, and we ended up with the one that was the closest to the customer's wishes. There was then created a brand identity based on that logo. The logo is now already in use on the yacht, and our team is very happy. A blog site was also created where you can read all the news relating to La Lineas travels and track its movements across the globe.
We eagerly await the beginning of this exciting journey and are mentally preparing the team for the adventure.
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